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Play Safe - Powered by Visa

  • Load money to your personalised chip in your band
  • Pay upto ₹ 5,000 on the go without OTP
  • Use everywhere with Visa

App ApnaApna - Personalised control with App

  • Track transactions
  • Shop Online
  • Block/Unblock card
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AlagAlag - Multiple ways to TapTap

  • Uber cool pocket money for kids
  • Load gift and allowances
  • Why not use for charity too?
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App screen
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Cool Places to TapTap

TapTap at million cool (and serious) places around India that accept Visa. Look for this symbol at check out and TapTap on the Point of Sale (POS) terminal!! Pay for your shopping, pay for your food, drinks or any fun things you want to do. It is also enabled for online purchases like a regular card.

Coming soon! Goa is cooler with TapTap

Goa says no to wallets.

Shop. Fly. Stay.
anywhere and everywhere, only with TapTap

Enjoy Loyalty is the new loyalty program that rewards your preference for Enjoy Group. We have multiple hotels, Fly and shop where you can accumulate and redeem points.

AskAsk! FAQs

Simply select from a wide variety of coolest wristband designs at Taptapay.com
  • Click here to register
  • Download TapTap mobile app to load and use
  • Soon to be available at exclusive trendy outlets too in major metros

A cool wristband - with a secure pocket to insert a secured mini card
A secured mini card - a prepaid contactless-enabled chip

Powered by VISA
It can be used at PoS terminals across India and the world (if enabled) You can preload the amount of money you want to load and check out
The wristband will be shipped to your address in 2-3 days

Refund will be initiated only if the company is unable to fulfil the placed order. Return and refund will not be entertained in any other circumstance.

TapTap is backed by the same technology used in regular banking payment cards and guaranteed by Visa. During each transaction, a cryptogram is generated to authenticate and de-risk fraud.
It complies with all standards and security protocols for the banking industry and payments networks requirements for pre-paid account management.

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